The hunting lodge

Those with an adventurous spirit can choose a place with a more exotic ambiance, i.e. the Hunting Lodge. Discreetly decorated with rustic details, the specific of this lodge rests however in the fur and hunting trophies, which are found in a large number on the back beams and wooden furniture.
Exhibits of birds and stuffed animals, which decorate in an original way the room, give you the feeling that you are really in the middle of the Codri forests.
But what kind of hunting lodge without a hot fireplace where the game is cooked? This is right in the middle of the room, like a promise for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
But, no joke, our cooks are real magicians when comes to preparing food and are ready to welcome and satisfy the most peculiar tastes and wishes.
The capacity of this hall is of 60 guests.

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