Small Moldavian hall

Who has ever been in the small Moldavian hall will certainly come back. Positive energy that you feel while you’re here is like the water from the stream. Where does it come from? Nobody knows. Some think that this benefic halo is due to the objects exposed in a very particular way around the room: a stove with chimney, clay jugs and jars, natural decoration from corn cobs, red pepper rows, garlic wreaths etc.
Others think that the charm of this location rests in the oak wood used in its architecture spreading around protecting, benefic rays. This is where the name of “Stejaris” (oak grove) comes from.
The small banquet hall can host 25-30 guests. Service and food are at the highest level.

In order to make a reservation for a banquet or to book a number in the Stejaris Hotel, click here or call the administration.
TEL: +(373) 268 31 7 05